12 OCT 2020

Halloween with Foam Party Hats!

October has already started, and with Foam Party Hats, that’s where YOUR party starts! Because what's best than a giant  foam Halloween hat ? Perhaps only our  foam wigs for Halloween costumes !    However, other than candy ad disguises, have you ever wondered why we commemorate Halloween and what is behind this tradition? Today we tell you everything because this is one of our... Read more
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16 AUG 2020

Wedding Hats - How to Spice up your Celebration!

Spice of your celebration with a wedding hat ! - Weddings, we all know them. The ceremony, the vows, the "I do" wearing a fabulous outfit, yeah! But what if you could make it better? Wedding hats are the latest trend for spicing up your celebration. And as you probably already figured - *wink, wink* - custom hats are our specialty! Do you want to know more? Keep reading, and... Read more
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04 JUN 2020

The Best Party Ideas for your 4th of July Party this 2020!

God Bless America! Just in this crazy year, we need to attach to the things that make us who we are, like the 4th of July 2020 ! When talking about America, freedom is the first world that everyone thinks about; we’re the Nation of the Free! That’s why the 4th of July events are so significant for our culture; we celebrate the day that granted us that freedom! Since at Foam Party Hats... Read more
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04 JUN 2020

Let's celebrate pride month with Foam Party Hats

Are you looking for the best way to celebrate Pride Month? Foam party hats will make your celebration unforgettable. PRIDE month is here! We want to celebrate the fight of the LGBTQ+ community with you and commemorate the movement that seeks civil rights before the law of the LGBTQ+ people around the world, so come over the rainbow, and let's celebrate pride month with Foam Party... Read more
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26 MAY 2020

What’s the Hora Loca?

Every person that has ever gone to a Latino party knows that we are the kings and queens of having fun! The best proof of that is that we even have a party inside the party! You know what we’re talking about? YES! It’s the HORA LOCA ! That thrilling and trendy hour that’s been invading American’s celebrations for some time now, and is getting better! WE can tell you for sure!... Read more
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