March 22, 2022
Foam Party Hats

God Bless America! Just in this crazy year, we need to attach to the things that make us who we are, like the 4th of July 2020! When talking about America, freedom is the first world that everyone thinks about; we’re the Nation of the Free!

That’s why the 4th of July events are so significant for our culture; we celebrate the day that granted us that freedom! Since at Foam Party Hats we know how much you enjoy this Holiday, we bring the best 4th of July party ideas and decorations for you!


The best decoration for 4th of July


The holidays remind us of all those beautiful giant gloves and hats with the colors of the American Flag. And of course, we have them for you! 

But, did you know there’re many other designs to look original and unique on your party? We bet you’ve never seen anything like this before! 


A comfortable foam headband that’s incredibly light and size-customizable so you can party all night long, and it won’t fall off! But that’s not it; it comes with its own foam torch accessory, making it a full 4th of July outfit!


If saying it out loud is not enough, then let your 4th of July party hats speak for themselves. These original and sparkly foam hats with the flag colors will raise the plea we all pray for! 


 One of America’s favorites, the traditional Cowboy Hats but in gigantic size and with the colors    of the U.S flag, ready to get the party started! And don’t worry; our foam is so light you won’t    even feel you have it!


Celebrate this 4th of July as the kings and queens you are with our original foam crowns for him and for her, with flags and textured details.



 If these models are not enough for you, then our “rumba and others” section may have just what you need. Go to our catalog and find all our pieces available or ask for our customizable options! Once you get your Foam Party Hats, you’ll know this is where the party starts!


Fun ideas for celebrating 4th of July


So we know you want to party! But if you’re here, we also know you like a lavish celebration with lush style - you know, like our awesome giant 4th of July Party hats! - So, if you’re squeezing your brains out to find fun activities for this Holiday, you better check these 4th of July party ideas:



  • Photo Booth: make a photo cabin with a stand and some flags and include our amazing accessories to get the most spontaneous and hilarious 4th of July pictures.
  • American Flag curtain: ask about our customizable decoration and discover all the possibilities such as amazing foam flag curtains to divide the environments at your party. 
  • Gigantic pinwheels: you can choose whether you DIY with paper or cardboard, or we can arrange a customized package with gigantic and durable flag pinwheels for your party and kids!
  • Flag cocktails: this is a 4th of July party idea for adults, but you can make a non-alcoholic version for kids to join the fun! Find the recipe here.
  • Dart game: an American classic you can’t miss this holiday! A good idea is to use balloons and real darts. But, if you’re looking for a safer and sillier version, which can endure for years, then contact us about our customizable decorations!
  • Tic-tac-toe: another classic game, you can use almost any material like cord or wood to make the pieces, but you can also use foam for it!

These are only some of the ideas you can practice to make your 4th of July party unique and funny! And if you add some of our 4th of July party decoration, we guarantee you that happiness, silliness, and the best colors will make your party something to remember! Join the happy independence-day celebration with Foam Party Hats!

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