About FPH

Our Family & Company History

The idea of “Foam Party Hats” originated more than 15 years ago in Caracas, Venezuela. Grace Rojas, founder and designer of every single one of our fantastic and fun hats, wanted to make something different and unique for the “Hora Loca” of her daughter’s wedding - and that’s how our first “Foam Party Hats” were created.

Needless to say, the hats were a total success and shortly after the wedding, a lot of the attendees started to ask where they could buy some of these incredible fun hats. For many years, Grace sold her hats in Venezuela, until 2010 due to the incremental humanitarian crisis in the country, she decided to migrate to the US with her son, Manuel Rojas, in order to pursue a better future.

Since arriving in the US, Grace never stopped dreaming about making a business out of her art, so little by little she started making a name for herself and started selling her famous hats in Houston, TX. In 2017, due to the interest and success of the hats Grace had started selling, Manuel decided to join the fun, and that’s how in 2017, Foam Party Hats was officially founded.

Since then, we have been bringing joy, happiness and an excuse to be silly to every single state in the US, and as far as Singapore, Japan, and even Cyprus. At Foam Party Hats, we do not sell “hats”, we offer a unique way to allow our customers to be silly, enjoy life, and bring happiness and great memories to any of their special occasions.


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Meet Our Awesome Team

Manuel Rojas

CEO, Founder, Customer Service, Model, Logistics, Arts Department, Social Media Manager, etc.

Manuel is your guy for ANYTHING Foam Party Hats related.

Have a question? Manuel will help you out.
Need a custom hat made? Manuel is your guy!
Need a handsome model? Guess what - Manuel has your back!

Manuel founded Foam Party Hats in 2017 along with Grace Rojas, and his main drive is to continue growing the business to bring a little bit of silliness and fun into any event, party or wedding.

Any email, inquiry, or anything related to our company is handled by Manuel - so make sure you say hi next time you contact us.

Grace Rojas

Founder, Head of Manufacturing & Head Creative Designer

The one and only, the GOAT, the most beautiful and creative person on this team - GRACE ROJAS!

Needless to say, this company would not exist if it wasn’t for Grace. She has designed all our 600+ hats and the whole foundation of this company was established by her.

You got a crazy hat in mind? Grace can design ANYTHING so you can rock your hat and be the soul of the party.

Yessica Rodas

Head of Assembly & Decorations

Do not be fooled by how shy Yessica looks, because she is the main reason our clients get to have a wild party!

Yessica has been working at Foam Party Hats for 2 years now and she is in charge of putting everything together to make our party hats shine!

All our assembly process is made by hand in Houston, TX - and Yessica is our #1 expert on making and assembling our 600+ hats.

Sonia Moran

Mass Production Assembler

Sonia has been working at Foam Party Hats since 2021 and is in charge of making hats in serial production.

Sonia and her speedy hands can make up to 10 hats faster than the time it will take you to say “Foam Party Hats is the best and most fun company in the world”

Next time you see our hats in a store (like Party City) - know for sure that Sonia was involved in the creation of those hats!

Francisco Mejia

Head of Mass Production

Every company needs a heavy equipment savvy person, and that’s where Mr. Francisco shines through!

As our business grows, we acquired heavy machinery in order to mass produce some of our amazing hats, and Mr. Francisco handles everything heavy equipment related.

He can cut and produce more than 300 hats per hour - making it our most efficient team member BY FAR (he does have heavy equipment that helps on production, but merit given where merit is due).