March 22, 2022
Foam Party Hats

October has already started, and with Foam Party Hats, that’s where YOUR party starts! Because what's best than a giant foam Halloween hat? Perhaps only our foam wigs for Halloween costumes

However, other than candy ad disguises, have you ever wondered why we commemorate Halloween and what is behind this tradition? Today we tell you everything because this is one of our favorite celebrations! We want to show you our custom hats for costumes, and all the models we have created for your 2022 Halloween costume!



What is Halloween, and how did it originate?


Many have written about this holiday. But according to various expert sources on the subject, Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve or All Saints’ Eve, is a holiday that has Celtic and Christian origins.

The best-known antecedent of this holiday is the Celtic celebration, Samhain. For the Celts, this festival marked the date when the days shortened, and the nights lengthened. The Celts, like other cultures, held that on this day, the spirits of the dead revisited the mortal world. Interesting, right?

During those festivities, they did many activities such as magic acts, divination, and even harvests or bonfires. It was the general custom to offer food, leave sweets outside the houses, and light candles to help the souls of the dead find their way to light and rest. Sounds familiar?

In the 18th century, the first settlers of North America brought with them all the Celtic and Christian Halloween traditions, which they included in their religious calendars. Over time, pumpkins, costumes, and “trick or treating” made their way to the rest of the world and became the holiday we all know and love! 



When did we start using costumes?


As we told you, the Celts were the creators of this tradition. According to the story, they wore a mask to flee from ghosts and remained motivated to keep it out of fear of spirits and the dark.

As time has progressed, the costumes for this celebration have also changed. And now, we not only see witches and ghosts, but we can be as creative as we want with our Halloween costume ideas: superheroes, characters from series or movies, celebrities, or political personalities. You can choose from many options! 

If you want, you can adapt your ideas for this holiday with a nice hat or a Halloween wig! Here in Foam Party Hats, we are experts and can help you create custom Halloween hats for your day!

For this season, the ideas for Halloween parties are very particular, as it has been a very different year. At our store, we specialize in hats of all kinds, and we want to show you our collection and ideas for Halloween 2020, a day we are sure will be unforgettable for all of us!

Our most popular Halloween hat model this year couldn't be other than the hats shown below in our related products section

Remember, at Foam Party Hats, is where your Halloween party starts!

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