March 22, 2022
Foam Party Hats

Every person that has ever gone to a Latino party knows that we are the kings and queens of having fun! The best proof of that is that we even have a party inside the party! You know what we’re talking about? YES! It’s the HORA LOCA!

That thrilling and trendy hour that’s been invading American’s celebrations for some time now, and is getting better! WE can tell you for sure! But, what is Hora Loca, exactly?

Hora Loca or Crazy Hour is that memorable moment of your ceremony when everybody’s got their drinks going up the head and wants to do crazy things! And then you crash with a rush of fun from the Caribbean!

What makes this hour so LOCA, is that everything can happen! All about wild fun! Just like a Carnival right at your party hall; music, hot dance, exotic performances, joy, and of course, crazy fun hats!



When is the best moment for Hora Loca?


Generally, Hora Loca can be thrown around two particular moments:

  • After the traditional party rituals: this is ideal for thematic or ethnic parties, where several rituals like the first dance, a national dance, etc. take place. Just after all these moments have passed, it’s the perfect time to light up the party with some crazy fun hats and SALSA!
  • At the end of the party: just when guests think your party is about to end, you throw them back to the best of fun with HORA LOCA! But, be careful! This is recommended for those who like hard party rocking! When our stunning Foam wigs and Party hats show up, you’ll know THIS is where the party starts!


The best Hora Loca party supplies


Weddings, Sweet 16s, or even black&white parties; they’ll all burst in colors and joy when this crazy hour hits the clock. But of course, you need the right Hora Loca supplies to reach that festive effect.

The most common decorations are colorful hats and wigs. And that’s what Foam Party Hats has for you, but UPGRADED! Imagine your team entering the hall with these GIANT foam wigs and funny party hats full of colors and accessories... They'll brighten up the scene!

And the best part is they're made from foam so light, you can party all night long and won’t even remember you have them on!

Our crazy-fun hats offer you not only the traditional patterns. We offer fully customized party hats that will make any crazy party-fantasy a reality. From conventional party wigs to the most extravagant and gigantic groom hats, there’s nothing we can’t do!

You are still not sure what to do? Check these crazy hour ideas: Anything you like? Let us know!



Foam Party Hats, born where Hora Loca was born!


If you’ve been following Hora Loca's ideas for a while, you’ve probably noticed most parties are Venezuelan, and you ask yourself, why? Well, that’s because this crazy hour was born in Venezuela! And you know what? Foam Party Hats too!

What begun as crazy one time adventure at a family wedding, became a successful worldwide business for party decorations and supplies. From Venezuela to Australia, and the US, to all over Europe, our party hats have brightened up all kinds of events around the world!

And now, we’re rooted in Houston, bringing you the 100% original party hats and props with fully national manufacturing.

Shock your guests with top-quality party props and a HORA LOCA they won't forget! You can tell us everything about your crazy ideas, and we’ll make it all come true! Hit the CONTACT button!

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