March 22, 2022
Foam Party Hats

Are you looking for the best way to celebrate Pride Month? Foam party hats will make your celebration unforgettable.

PRIDE month is here! We want to celebrate the fight of the LGBTQ+ community with you and commemorate the movement that seeks civil rights before the law of the LGBTQ+ people around the world, so come over the rainbow, and let's celebrate pride month with Foam Party Hats.


Why we celebrate pride month?


Surely you have heard of pride month, or have even witnessed one of the many pride month parades that take place throughout the world, but, what do we celebrate?



LGBTQ+ pride month originates from a well-known event that occurred on June 28, 1969, in New York City. This event is commonly known as the Stonewall Riots or Stonewall Rebellion. There, the LGBTQ community defended themselves for the first time against police abuse.

The NYPD had raided the famous club called Stonewall, where gays, lesbians, transexuals, and drag queens were going to dance and have fun. But what they did was an abuse of power, and the police forces ended up injuring people for no other reason than their sexual orientation.

Standing up and fighting for your rights is the essence of the pride month parade. For the first time, the LGBTQ community united and defended themselves against oppressors.

So, regardless of whether you are gay or straight, this month we celebrate the strength of togetherness, bravery, and the fight for a better world.


Lest's party for the LGBT month!



If you have ever seen an LGBTQ+ parade or attended one, you have surely noticed the amazing pride month clothing or the pride month outfits, but do you know why?

Pride Month is a celebration, the celebration of who you really are, without fear, without ties, and without discrimination. So it is a great party to which we are all invited. And what better way to celebrate than using Foam Party Hats?

 FOAM PARTY HATS can be any shape and fit all types of parties, so they are the perfect option to celebrate the most colorful month of the year.


Join the party with your pride month outfits



Dare to celebrate human rights and join the party.

Have you seen the cool drag queen's outfits? Or the drag queen's wigs? Dare to celebrate Pride Month in style, and try some foam wigs. You will be the center of the fun. It does not matter if it is a drag queen's big wig, whatever you can imagine, we can create it for you.

Be part of the party and be part of the fight. Happy Pride Month with Foam Party Hats: This is where the party starts!

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